economical web designer to grasp your business? Are you getting the most out of your website hosting? We can provide you with not only web design, hosting, domain name registration... but we also offer custom logo design (Business Identity), as well as other design items.*

We develop, create and maintain websites... but we really do more than that. We apply our 17+ years of web development expertise to create the most effective solutions for our clients.

So what does that mean? Well, by putting ourselves in the shoes of the people who will visit your site, we can assemble the information using the best possible layout, creativity and intuition your business needs. This is why our sites aren't just sites, they're experiences without the clutter that most websites have... and to be honest, not everyone has a DSL (or faster) connection that can load a website (and it's contents) in seconds... and if a visitor or potential client to your site does not find what they need, because of a slow loading page of cluttered content, within 5 seconds, they will look elsewhere for the services they need and you provide.

*user supplied images. Domain Name Registration and Hosting is with See Terms & Conditions.
Because we take this focused approach to your website design, your clients will inevitably spend more time on your site, have a more positive impression of your company, and be more likely to do business with your organization. And most importantly, they'll understand your message and get the information they need right away.

All websites we develop are custom designed based on your needs... so that means your site will not look like everyone else's... whether you're a Start-Up Business, Non-Profit Organization or a well-established business... we have what you want!





Digital Archiving USA was founded in late 1999 in Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada as Digital Archiving & Imaging, archiving household contents for insurance purposes and claims, using a state-of-the-art Digital Camera. In May of 2000, webpage authoring was added to the list of services we offered.

Our first webpages that were done were pro bono work, done mainly to get the word out to Parkland-area businesses.

During this period, newer graphics and web authoring programs were available and we quickly adapted to newer ways to do things, but manual HTML coding was still the way to do things.

In 2002, we re-located to Modesto, California, and one of the first websites that we done was for Castle Air Museum, an aircraft museum located on  Castle Airforce Base, located in Atwater, California.


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